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2005/07/14, 19:32:33: Bruce Bonga
Grant - I can’t say that I understand all the drug stuff at the top of your guestbook, but it’s good to see all of the fun pictures! I’ll see you around town! It was always good being paired up with you for programming in high school. You have some sick skills.

2005/02/13, 3:56:05: michael tregay
was interested in your last name as u can see im also a tregay from england.which is rare from where i come from burnley in lancashire i believe the name is from cornwall and some time ago relatives moved up north ps (not a weirdo or anything just interested)

2004/08/31, 6:24:08: Joyce Coulter
Hello from Papua New Guinea! I found your very nice web page while doing a Google search for my maiden name (Lidbeck- yes, I’m Jon’s sister). I’m a fellow Wheatie (’96). Thanks for sharing such interesting details about your history and family!

2004/03/26, 11:57:57: Jonathan Lidbeck
Hey Grant, how’s things at M.A.? Ah, how I miss the good ol’ days (sometimes). I have stolen the office quote board to keep me company. Betty’s quote about you and your security-blanket file cabinet cracks me up every time. Also, it cracks me up that your page comes up when I google my name--you’re my link to fame--thanks to my mother. (Love ya, Mom! I promise I’ll write soon!) See you around.

2003/09/09, 07:08:05: Jasmine
Hi there. I really like your site, especially the wedding pics! :) Great meeting you at RWC2003. I have a pic of us three at RWC2003 on my site

2003/08/08, 21:39:23: Dave Swart
Just dropped in to check out your web page. Hello from Canada!

2003/08/08, 08:58:08: Empire of Nick
You created a great Page! Check out mine too! http://www.nyk.ch

2003/05/05, 17:29:44: Tom Terry
praying for Betty's recovery... and for all the plumbing and stuff in the house to keep working! We appreciate you two and your love for each other and the Lord.

2002/11/29, 10:16:43: Pam Clark
I was looking up the Church web page and found you two. What a great surprise. I really enjoyed your wedding picures and your video's. Looking forward to showing Rich your sight and I hope to have time to try your games. See you at church Sunday. Pam

2002/06/18, 20:47:13: Scott and Rachel Lidbeck
Thanks for such an interesting web page! We are interested in you because we noticed that you graduated from Wheaton in Computer Science (as did our son Jonathan Lidbeck) and that you work at Market Advantage (as does our son, as well!) We assume you must know him pretty well. Want to comment??? We don't hear much from Jon, so we appreciate meeting his friends any way we can!

Sincerely, Jon's parents, Scott and Rachel Lidbeck Gresham, OR

2001/03/03, 22:09:06: Glenn Felty
Great web site! It's amazing what you can learn about fellow church-members.

2000/11/11, 22:37:58: floyd cox
Was just surfing while looking for McHenry Co. relatives. Nice site.

2000/03/01, 13:26:05: Dad Staniels
Look out! Got out of our living room on the web! Thanks for all the help. Enjoyed your pictures.

2000/02/22, 06:01:47: Earl Mcinnis
I get the feeling that the Tregay families are christians and made me feel good to see this sort of thing. Seen the family picture and was very impressed. This is the first home page I visited. I loved it. Probally will come back. Earl Mcinnis

1999/07/26, 21:34:41: Dad Tregay
You seem lonely, so I decided to give you some company. I enjoyed my visit.

1999/01/15, 11:17:50: Rebecca Jepsen
I didn't know you had a web site. You should be relieved to know I'm not driving yet. That e-mail was soo funny. Ha, ha, ha.

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