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2003/05/05, 14:23:24: Matt Gold
I live in Omaha Nebraska and have been wanting to start up a company where I would be able to make kids stories and movies. Take a wild guess as to what I have been calling my company...

You have a beautiful name and I wish you tons of success.

A sad day indeed knowing someone else held the name Big G Productions. Use it well, for the name is full of power and strength.


2002/03/07, 18:02:14: EE3MASTER
I'd first like not to say something about Orchid, but I can't help myself. I think that he/she wanted responses and that is why he/she wrote what he/she wrote. I'm currently enrolled in College and am majoring in CS. I recently e-mailed John Carmack (if you don't know who this is think WOLFENSTIEN,DOOM, and QUAKE...) about his education and he never finished college. And then there's Bill Gates. You don't have to go to an expensive school to be successful in the computer gaming industry.

As for Mr. Tregay I think he is doing a fine thing. It takes a lot to learn a computer language. I've learned HTML and some Java script and am currently leanring Java. It's not easy to do. Mr. Tregay is an inspiration to me to keep up with what I'm doing. Thank you Mr. Tregay.

2002/02/08, 16:59:48: Cheryl
Hello yes I want to know if you have the "sims" game

2001/11/14, 11:17:15: Grant Tregay
As the designer and owner of this page, I feel the need to respond to "Orchid."

First, I did go to "university." I got a bachelor's degree in computer science from Wheaton College. Orchid would have realized this had (s)he taken the time to check out the "Grant and Betty's Home" area of the web site, which contains more information about me personally (both my education and work history).

Second, I must admit this web page isn't what I would like it to be either. However, I would like to point out that the games that I have written were both finished in 1998, and this web site is virtually unchanged since that time. In addition, the overall look and feel has changed very little since I first created my web page early in college (a couple more years back). All that said, I must say that Orchid is the first person I've heard with such a strongly negative view of my design.

Finally, I would like to address the issue of talent. As far as education goes, I took 2 years of programming in high school, in addition to my training at DAVEA ("technical school" as Orchid said) and Wheaton College. During the fall of my senior year at Wheaton, I was even part of the first Wheaton College team ever to finish all the problems at an ACM programming competition (my first programming competition). We ended up taking 5th place (1st at our site) out of about 90 participating teams in the Mid-Central region. I would like to think that this demonstrates that I am at least not completely lacking in talent. Also, I recognize that my talent does not lie in the area of graphical art. However, I will stand by the quality of my programming.

2001/10/10, 07:11:30: The gaming enthusiast
Ahhh, My comments firstly go to Orchid who ever she/he may be. Your wording and expressions only represent the cynicism of your character. Dreams are there to become reality, go get yourself a history101 lesson at Uni and while you're there check out how Bill Gates began!!

A creative page with promise, good luck we will meet again.

The gaming enthusiast

2001/10/10, 01:46:26: Orchid
If you want to get ahead try going to a University instead of copping out and going to a technical school . Speaking , as someone who has a Comp. Science degree your page is horrible, unimaginative and tastless.

Stop dreaming there are many incrediably talent people in this field and sadly your not one of them.

Sorry, but this had to be temporarily disabled because of all the spam that was getting posted.. If you would like to add something to the guestbook, please e-mail me, indicating that you would like your comments added to the guestbook. I hope to get this reenabled in such a way that it will prevent spammers from posting, but until I have time to do that, this will have to do.

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